Top 5 Quiet Beaches in Phuket

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Top 5 Quiet Beaches in Phuket

Phuket is a renowned holiday destination for so many reasons. You have a vibrant nightlife, delicious food and beautiful beaches. Some people look for day trips and cruises to small islands and others enjoy going snorkelling or water sports on beaches. Phuket has something for everybody but some visitors want something simpler. So many tourists come to Phuket looking to relax on a beautiful tropical beach and just enjoy some peace and quiet. Fortunately, Phuket has many beaches that fit this bill and here are our favourite picks.

Nai Yang Beach: This beach is located just 5 minutes away from the International Airport and it is just easy to access. For many returning visitors, Nai Yang Beach is great for relaxation as there are not many tourists here compared to the rest of Phuket.

The water might not be as blue as other beaches on the west coast but it is a great place to swim, as there are interesting corals on the north end of the bay. Nai Yang is very close to Sirinath National Park, so nature lovers have a nice place for a short day trek.

The beach also has some great restaurants and a couple of bars, so it is not completely desolate. Nai Yang has a little bit of everything and that’s always what makes it attractive.

Layan Beach: The Northern end of Bangtao beach is actually called Layan Beach. For the longest time, Layan was a low-profile beach that only had a few restaurants and not much else but that has changed.

New institutions have arrived at Layan Beach that has made it more appealing but the real positives of the beach remain unchanged. The beach looks so much as it did 20 years ago and for most people that’s the most appealing thing. The water is extremely calm because of the nearby island Koh Kala sheltering the beach.

Sai Kaew Beach: Known as “Glass Sand” Beach (that’s the literal translation of Sai Kaew), Sai Kaew is at the northernmost point of Phuket. This beach continues from the northern end of the Mai Khao Beach but Mai Khao is considered to become Sai Kaew after Thepkrasattri Road. There are a few restaurants in the area but Sai Kaew is more or less completely isolated.

This is the ideal beach for simply enjoying the sand, which is terrific, and the water, which is also incredible. Take a dip or grab some traditional Thai seafood from a nearby restaurant, Sai Kaew Beach isn’t going anywhere.

Rawai Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Phuket when the infrastructure of the island had yet to catch up, Rawai still has plenty to offer. This beach is best known for its gorgeous views of the many nearby islands such as Koh He, Koh Lon, Koh Aeo and Koh Bon. You can take boats to any of these islands and explore them.

Since most people go to other beaches in the south, Rawai is less dense and populated. It is a good spot to stay in Phuket, as it still has decent access to all the other popular beaches and attractions but it is still quiet and peaceful. Not the best beach for swimming, Rawai has a fresh seafood market and plenty of lovely seafood restaurants to enjoy.

Mai Khao Beach: At 11 kilometres in length, Mai Khao is one of the biggest beaches in Phuket but it is also one of the quietest ones. The beach has a few resorts and hotels near the north side. Like Nai Yang Beach, Mai Khao is extremely close to the airport and the Sirinath National Park, so it remains undeveloped and very calm.

You can walk along the beach and find plenty of space to set up. While it is very quiet, Mai Khao always has a few exciting events to look forward to such as the turtle release program during Songkran, organized by the Mai Khao Turtle Foundation. You can also enjoy great Thai food here in peace and let your days go by getting the rest you deserve.

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