Sawasdee Krab : Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao

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Sawasdee Krab : Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao

June holiday came and went in a flash! With 2 energetic boys, I wondered if a relaxing Phuket holiday will suit them. Surprisingly, none of us has been to Phuket before though it is just a 2 hours+ plane ride from Singapore! With an affordable Silkair promotion, we hesitated no more and booked tickets for the family and invited the in-laws along.

I concluded we need an extremely family-friendly resort so the adults can chill while the kids are in a safe and fun environment. The selection of a resort hotel become easier as I narrowed down to a few criteria:

1) Near to the airport: We need to catch an early morning flight and I don’t want to miss our flight if there is a traffic jam.

2) Kids friendly with a GOOD kids’ club: from research online, it seemed that many hotels in Phuket have kids’ clubs. But I will like a responsible team if we need to drop off the kids and a entertaining one. Who likes boring kids’ club? Smile with tongue out

3) Something for everyone: If the kids are entertained, they won’t be on our back. And so, if there are some activities (besides relaxing by the pool/beach all day) for the adults, it will be a great bonus.

After much research, Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao came into the picture.

It ranked high in my selection as I have read good reviews both from fellow bloggers and their guests.

And it was very kind of them to offer a review opportunity for my immediate family. Here’s a look at our honest experience with them.


We liked the laid-back feel of the resort. It makes one feel isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s what a beach holiday is meant to be? In the beginning I was worry if the kids would be bored, but my worries are unnecessary. They were happier in the resort than being dragged to shop with us in the malls. I liked it that there is a good mix of indoor vs outdoor activities so that wet weather plans are available as well.  There is also free Wi-fi in the resort thus you can stay connected if you prefer to. Smile

Overall, Phuket Holiday Inn Mai Khao checked the boxes for a relaxing short family resort stay. If you do not need to stay near the town, the Mai Khao beach is an ideal option for it’s quiet and cozy ambience. And Phuket Holiday Inn Mai Khao makes an affordable and comfortable family choice. Smile

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