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30 August 2019

Thai sunny weather – better to use the solar panels




We are thinking about our environment daily. Recently IHG has introduced a new strategy which is about removing smaller plastic miniatures and installing bulk-size bath amenities in all hotels. While this is planned to be done globally, our hotel in its turn is also thinking what else could be done. Sometime ago we launched “Say no to plastic straws, Save our ocean” campaign which is about limiting the use of plastic straws at the resort. As of this month we are pleased to announce that we are undergoing the installment of solar panels.


It is important today to think “friendly” towards our environment and electricity is where we start. Reducing the electricity consumption is surely an eco-friendly step ahead. Electricity is created in power plants using various forms of energy. This energy is being supplied by our earth which is indeed draining the planet overall. Most electricity is created by burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil) and then converting the thermal energy into electricity. While private houses, for example, can do good savings on electricity consumption, the bigger real estate consumes enormous amount of electricity and installing solar panels could be a good idea for the businesses and the local environment as well. An average size house can have only a very few solar panels and start to gain financial and economical benefits as of first month. While looking at the bigger buildings we can state that they will see the results more likely in a long run only.


Our warm sun always provides us with the light which is the additional source of energy. The more solar panels are installed, the more energy you can transfer into electricity.  Panels simply consume the light and generate direct current electricity flow out of it. Direct current received flows into inverter where it becomes AC current and there it goes the adjustable electricity anywhere in the building.



With slightly more than a 1000 panels installed, we’ve got 90% of the roof covered and avoiding almost only 1 building which roof is under the shadow most of the time.

1000 panels, for several buildings like us, will cover proximately 1/3 of the consumption used overall. Financially speaking, it will be possible so save hundreds of thousands of Thai Baht early.

Electricity is not entirely substituted but it is a major step to help local environment and the business in a long run.

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